Using Verdn through Zapier is the fastest way to start giving impact to your users and customers for actions and behaviour you wish them to take. To do so, you need a Verdn Zapier account.

By creating a Verdn Zapier account, you agree to be billed the following:

<aside> ⚠️ Do note that you also need a Zapier account, which bills separately. You can read about Zapier pricing here


Usage-based pricing, per impact type

Verdn currently offers 3 types of impact, each with their own rate of impact

<aside> 🌱 When you first sign up, you will be given $10 in impact credit


Impact type Unit Price / unit
Reforestation 1 tree $0.50
Ocean-bound plastic recovery 1 kilo $1.50
Coral restoration 25 cm2 of reef $0.40

Using our full API

If you have ambitions for extensive functionality with Verdn, we’d love to chat. Benefits of using our full API include:

To discuss your use-case, please book a call with us.